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How to Teach Grammar

 * 5 New Fun Ways to Teach Grammar 

 * How To Teach Boring Grammar Points: 7 Quick Proven Tips

 * How To Teach Sentence Structure: Easy Object Lesson With Zero Preparation

 * How to Teach Word Order: Help Them Remember the Patterns

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 * How to Teach Present Perfect: Activities and Examples

 * How to Teach For and Since

 * How to Teach the Past Perfect Tense

 * How to Teach Present Continuous: Alternative Approach

 * Present Perfect Mystery: How to Teach For and Since

 * How to Teach Past Simple – Regular/Irregular Verbs

 * How To Teach Prepositions Of Place

 * How to Teach Prepositions of Time

 * How to Teach Used To and Would

 * How to Teach Giving Advice

 * How to Teach Reported Speech: Alternative Approach

 * "He Said What?” Top 9 ESL Activities for Reported Speech

 * How to Teach the Imperative Form

 * How to Teach Passive Voice

 *  Passive Voice through TPR (Total Physical Response

 * How to Teach Question Structures

 * Conditional  Chain Game 

 * Teaching the Article System (a, an, the)